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Cut Your Cell Phone Bill In Half!

If you own a smartphone, you know what it's like to be trapped in a two-year contract. You probably also know that breaking that contract results in a staggering cancellation fee. That's why more and more people prefer non-contract plans. With no-contract carriers, you pay by the month and can drop the plan at any time. This can save you alot of money and aggravation.

The smart and easy way to save!

Our Customers save thousands

on their Cell Phone bills!

Non-Contract Carriers vs. Verizon Contract


Non Contract Network Carriers
IPhone 4 16 GiG $329 $275
Activativation Fee and Sim Card $15
No Early Termination Fee
$50 30 Days
Unlimited* Talk
Text / Picture Messaging
Web / Email and call to 411
Car Charger Adapter $9.99 FREE
Case $15
cost approximately $1500 over  2 Years

Verizon - Contract
IPhone 4  8 GIG Free
Activation Fee $35
Early Termination Fee $350
$110 30 Days
Picture Messaging Web/ Email will use your 2 Gigs of DATA
411 calls cost $1.99
Car Charger $29.99
Case $29 - $49
cost approximately $2800 over 2 Years

  With this example you can save approximately HALF 
over a two-year period by going non-contract!

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